Accounts Payable Automated
Solutions built to manage all
Account Payables & Finance Operations on a Unified Platform
Go-live in just two-weeks! Effortless onboarding and implementation.
Our dedicated customer success team comprising of finance & technology experts along with ex-bankers will make your transition to Finly seamless & effortless.
Modules designed to automate
all finance use cases
Work Smarter, not Harder
Empowering CXOs to gain Visibility, Control & enforce Finance Governance across the organisation
“We now have complete control on our spend against the budgets thanks to Finly. Since we are able to see all our business spend in a structured format we are also able to identify multiple saving opportunities.”
Mr. Om Prakash,
CFO, Hindustan Medicare
Enable Finance Teams with powerful tools that make them super-efficient & simplifies Governance & Accounting Treatment
“Our previous process was highly error prone and book closures were not happening on time. Previously there was a lot of time spent by the finance team on data-entry work which used to contribute to this problem. As we kept implementing Finly phase wise data entry work constantly reduced and currently none of them are involved in this task. With Finly, we are able to achieve clear accounting treatment and we are able to close the books on time.”
Ms. Shalini Diwakar,
Finance Controller, Sky Cloud
Effective & Digitized Procurement teams to build & automate the process of managing all Business Documents
“We were able to organise all our documents, PO, sales Order, invoices, delivery challan on Finly’s system. Every activity on the document is clearly recorded and the reminders & notifications drastically reduces the follow ups.”
Mr. Anees Syed, Hertz
Procurement Manager
Build a mobile-enabled workforce leading to a paperless & less-cash dependent Business
  • Hassle-free reimbursements.
  • Enable employees to save time by Auto Expensing via Prepaid Card or OCR.
  • Simplify management of receipts & reduce out of pocket expenses for Employees.
  • Simplify cash disbursement via Prepaid INR Card or Forex Cards
Build strong relationships with Vendors from the point of onboarding to the point of managing all transactions
  • Digitise the process of onboarding vendors.
  • Manage all your POs, Sales Order, GRN, Invoices, Delivery Challan, E-Way Bill & Payments with all your Vendors.
  • Analyse vendor transactions and strengthen relationships.
  • Enable Vendors with Vendor Portal.
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